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14 “Georgi Benkovski” Str.

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Since 2007 we devoted ourselves to create the most comprehensive and quality service for our clients. We are happy with more then 300 companies subscribed to our monthly package – accounting, payroll, legal, and administrative services of highest quality. Our clients are very different. Small companies with few employees, factories with more than 400 employees and international conglomerate firms with major projects in the energy sector.

One of the pillars of our company is the amazing team that we succeded to create through the years. Currently we are employing 20 great professionals – accountants, payroll specialists, legal advisors and administrative assistants. We are very careful in our recruitment process. We hire only the best.

We’ve never used low fees to attract clients. And we will never do. We value our clients, our team and our work too much to allow ourselves to do that. We don’t make compromises with the quality of our work. We don’t offer promotions and don’t quote prices that are too good to be true. We offer professional services and attitude. We accept remuneration for our services which is adequate and reasonable. For more information and special quote for your firm – please contact us at or fill this form.

Professionalism without compromises. Comprehensive and quality financial services for your business. Loyalty, correctness, and confidentiality. Our full devotion to your business and it’s success. This is how we grow and we like it this way.