VAT Compliance in Bulgaria

The complexity of VAT legislation is a growing concern for businesses. Proper management of VAT and other indirect taxes is essential, especially for companies involved in international trade, as they invariably encounter cross-jurisdictional issues and increasingly complicated tax risks. Therefore, obtaining expert advise is a key to managing VAT as this can positively influence your company’s financial position in the long term.


The VAT experts at Smart Balance Ltd. will help you maximize savings. We will help you with VAT planning and compliance as well as VAT scans and local and international advice.


Our VAT services include:


Initial analysis if your business has the obligation to register for VAT.

VAT registration.

Maintaining VAT regsiters.

VAT monthly reporting.

Fiscal representation services.

Preparation, completion and submission of VAT Returns and Intranstat Registration.

Managing relations with Bulgarian relevant tax offices and institutions.


There are high financial penalties for incorrect determination of tax liabilities and the wrong interpretation of economic events may prove to be costly. We will provide you with proper management of your VAT obligations. We will help you to follow VAT rules and provisions and to choose the best solution for your company within them.


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